WeGraduate has knowledge of the post-secondary industry and technical expertise to help you effectively launch marketing campaigns including:

  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

You can extend your reach through our vast network of resources, generate greater interest through traditional search engines, control your institution’s messaging and branding, and rely on WeGraduate to manage the details.

Email Marketing

WeGraduate’s email marketing solution allows you to engage more deeply with prospective students by implementing email marketing campaigns that are tightly coordinated with an inquiry as it progresses through the admissions funnel. Supported by the industry-leading MailChimp email marketing platform, WeGraduate will rapidly create and deploy content that is tailored based on program, campus, and other attributes pertaining to the student.

With WeGraduate’s comprehensive email marketing capabilities, you will be able to generate real-time response emails upon inquiry submission, and then trigger lead nurturing emails based on specific lead outcomes, admissions funnel progression, and elapsed time. Dynamic content support also allows personalized email content based on lead behavior and data patterns, while underlying deliverability tools and technology ensure your messages get delivered to the inbox.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing means attracting audiences efficiently and rapidly by conveying the information needed to make decisions in order to provide sales and leads needed to propel your business. It takes an engaged, intuitive, and highly-detailed group who are familiar with the nooks and crannies of your organization to reach the maximum return on your ad spend. At WeGraduate, we are passionate about search marketing and our staff members check the client’s stats multiple times a day to make sure we’re hitting your KPIs goals. We attach search metrics to the bottom line results, so your company sees more revenue and customers due to our efforts. Below are reasons why our customer-centric approach is successful:

Results Driven – Your confidence in our company is extremely valuable; our team of search experts will help you track all of your leads, so we can ensure that you will see some positive return on investment from our paid search marketing efforts. Our experts are well versed in different tracking solutions that allow us to track our marketing efforts accurately, from SEM conversion pixels to and analytics tracking; we have the capabilities to track phone calls.

Constant Optimization – Every quarter, your company will receive a detailed plan of our tactical and strategic steps to maximize your return on investment along with our goals and expected impact on your bottom line for each tactic. The plans will be reviewed once it is completed to track our impact.

Customize Solutions – Your institution will receive customized search marketing strategies that will be most impactful towards your businesses bottom line. Paid search marketing goes beyond search engines now days and strategic recommendations may extend past keyword-based paid search marketing. This could include remarketing campaigns (allows your brand to stay in front of potential customers after they have left your site), customized strategies for content (allow your brand to serve Ads on websites that your audiences are visiting), or reaching your target audience through various platforms and engines like Facebook, Google, Linkedin, MSN/Bing, and country-specific engines for global brands.

Transparent, Accountable, and Proactive Communication – Our paid search marketing team will connect with your company on a weekly basis to give you an update on our progress with your project and any industry changes. Through our project management system, you will receive an outline on what our search team is working on and when you can

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When consumers navigate around the web, are they able to find your company? Or, they find your competitors instead? Rankings among search engines are extremely important, and at WeGraduate, we focus heavily on search engine optimization where it will make an enormous impact on your brand. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are things we specialized in. We have several years honing our craft because we do not want to raise only your website’s ranking, but improve your institution. Our team wants to help your institution enroll more students and gain more prospects.

Our search engine optimization team is committed to continuing R&D and training to stay on top of the ever changing world of search algorithms. Our SEO team will target and examine the terms most likely to optimize your website, and we will analyze the resulting enrollments and traffic. WeGraduate provide our clients with return on investment reporting on our search engine optimization efforts, so our partners can see how their institution is progressing. Through our search engine optimization service, you will have more new inquiries and enrollments, period!

SEO Auditing

We do a complete audit of your existing website and provide full site recommendations and analysis, to start the best approach towards building ‘Higher Search Presence.’

Link Optimization and Analysis

Link building is the most important factor in search engine rankings and traffic. Proper link optimization delivers high conversion traffic.

Video Search Engine Optimization

Video optimization is a great way to create exposure for your brand and promote your college or university on the internet. WeGraduate will help you optimize your multimedia presence in a way, which complements your search engine optimization efforts and allows you to reach a broader audience.

Website Optimization

At WeGraduate, we do a complete website optimization including content optimization, meta tag creation, keyword analysis, website architecture, and implementation of all technical search engine optimization aspects.

Competitive Analysis

The internet is extremely competitive. The WeGraduate team will conduct ongoing in-depth analysis to ensure higher search rankings.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Reporting

WeGraduate provide detailed weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports for your website’s KPIs, so you can easily see the improvements made from our efforts.

Our search engine optimization clients will work with a dedicated marketing specialist to concentrate on creating a customized solution based on your college or university’s unique goals.

Display Advertising

Generate quality leads that convert with targeted display advertising. WeGraduate provides the experience needed to ensure every impression delivered is the best impression. Build a brand by delivering the right message to the right student. Leverage smart targeting approaches, including geographic targeting, data, search, demographic, or contextual to ensure precision with media delivery.


WeGraduate’s media team has extensive experience crafting research initiatives to gain insights into the impact of a display campaign on an institution’s brand. Research may be as simple as measuring a single detail to a robust report outlining the impact across the brand funnel.

Creative Services

WeGraduate can provide the total package with an in-house creative department, which can create all materials for a media campaign, ranging from full website development to emails and flash banners.

Direct Response Media

Direct response display advertising will increase an institution’s potential to engage nine out of ten students that affiliate programs may be missing. WeGraduate leverage its industry insight to drive quality leads and traffic. Leverage revenue share, cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per lead (CPL), and cost per click (CPC) buying models to militate against risk and fulfill institutions’ marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing

As students increasingly turn to social media to help form opinions, gather information, and connect with people, colleges and universities have the opportunity to become a valuable part of a potential student’s life. At WeGraduate, we provide the technology and expertise to help your college or university interact and engage with online communities to attract students, keep them engaged, and build strong alumni relationships.

Monitor and Measure

To execute and create effective online marketing campaigns, it is essential to first understand what is being said about your college or university – both negatively and positively. WeGraduate can provide you with this crucial insight and help you interact and connect with prospective students through:

  • Social media training for your staff members
  • Detailed results analysis and reporting
  • Compelling social media campaigns
  • Communities designed to improve retention
  • Strategic use of Twitter, Facebook, and blogs
  • Social media auditing

Mobile Marketing

While other sources of media, such as TV, print, radio, and even online, are only with consumers for part of their day, mobile is with them every day, all day. It is an excellent opportunity to extend your brand message and engage potential students wherever they are.

WeGraduate’s mobile media department provides the expertise and insight to help you deploy and understand best practices to achieve your student acquisition and retention goals.

Mobile Search Engine Marketing

WeGraduate will help you extend your online paid search campaigns to mobile by taking advantage of the growing search market using device type, geography, language, carrier, and keyword targeting.

Text Messaging Solutions

WeGraduate uses short messaging systems (SMS) as a real-time student recruitment solution and long-term relationship building tool. We help your institutions craft marketing to concentrate on the lifecycle of the student leading to higher conversions and better retention.

Mobile Ad Display Campaign

WeGraduate partners with a large network of mobile publishers to reach the vast majority of the mobile internet to target the audience that is right for your college or university providing mobile pay-per-call and mobile data lead form campaigns.