When you are depending on a network of vendors to manage your recruitment marketing efforts, it is hard to judge the quality of your student inquiries and the likelihood that they will translate to enrollments. It takes a lot of time; time away from executing your larger educational goals to effectively manage that complex network.

As your trusted partner, it is our business to act as your agency and manage the details on your behalf to help you:

  • Make data-based decisions and analyze results
  • Connect with potential students through mobile devices, social media websites, display advertising, email, and much more.
  • Design a customized media plan based on your specific enrollment goals

We centralize your vendor relations and report their efficiency through our customized technology system, making it easier for you to see a complete picture of your online marketing performance and strategy and quickly adapt based on results.

Verification and Scoring

At WeGraduate, we understand that success is not measured on inquiries; it is measured on enrollments. We work with the leading verification and scoring vendors to offer comprehensive solutions to our Inquiry Management Services clients. WeGraduate lead scoring and verification process involves the following steps:

  • Identify objectives and goals
  • Gather requirements
  • Evaluate options
  • Provide recommendations
  • Implement the solution
  • Model refinement

The dedicated account manager at WeGraduate will provide your team with a daily point of contact focused on evaluating and monitoring results and adjusting program accordingly. Our philosophy is to deliver online marketing solutions based on in-depth strategies, which support your enrollment goals along with making sure that every inquiry meets compliance standards.

Reporting and Tracking

Utilizing our state-of-the-art technology platform, WeGraduate provides real-time, detailed reporting and analysis on the performance of every inquiry. Our customized, comprehensive reports allow you to objectively assess campaign performance by:

  • Student demographics
  • Campaign
  • Campus
  • Program
  • Geography and more

With WeGraduate’s comprehensive reporting, you will gain a true understanding of return on investment for every advertising dollar spent.

WeGraduate Expertise

WeGraduate provides advanced technology solutions and educational marketing expertise by partnering with colleges and universities to become the valued resource in enrolling new students. Launched in 2012, WeGraduate has grown rapidly to oversee the promotional campaigns of hundreds of vocational schools, colleges, and universities throughout the U.S.

We are dedicated to developing cost-effective marketing programs using a mix of online media formats and strategies to reach your target audience, generating qualified responses, and maximizing your return on investment through student enrollments.

WeGraduate Process

It starts with a consultation with one of our knowledgeable marketing specialists. Every higher education institution has different needs and goals, and it is necessary to build a plan customized to meet your particular recruitment goals. At the initial consultation, you will meet your dedicated account manager and start your discussion about goals. We want to understand not only your recruitment cycle and your marketing needs, but also who is your ideal student.

Customized Plan

We will develop a customized media plan and implement it based on the particular enrollment and start goals of your institution. Recommendations and analysis are made on a consistent basis to ensure maximum ROI.

Reporting and Monitoring

Your account manager at WeGraduate will continually adjust and evaluate the program towards goals that are usually changing during each enrollment period. Our philosophy is to deliver online marketing solutions based on in-depth strategies, which support your business model. WeGraduate is transparent in everything we do and offer true partnerships with all of our educational clients.

Data Driven Decisions

With the understanding that not all inquiries are created equal, WeGraduate has the ability to implement a tiered pricing model with inquiry providers. Armed with this market intelligence, we will ensure you that your college or university is paying the right price. We take the time to understand the demographic structure of your ideal student, so we can strategically choose an appropriate media source for each campaign.