Recruitment Solution

WeGraduate provide a comprehensive suite of prospecting services and tools designed to help campus-based institutions and online schools reach out to qualified potential students. Through our educational portals, we provide support and guidance to channel students narrow their search by affordability, geography, and curriculum. Our marketing solutions are based on standards established by the Education Marketing Council of the Direct Marketing Association guidelines for ethical education marketing.

WeGraduate utilizes a variety of marketing campaigns, both offline and online, to attract visitors to our topically-focused websites. This allows WeGraduate to accurately attract, target and help match potential students to colleges and universities that meet their needs and ensure a consistent flow of highly qualified candidates for our clients.

Our solutions are available on a revenue share, flat rate, or pay-for-performance basis. We can tailor programs to help meet your school expectations, provide accountability for every dollar spent, and adhere to a fixed budget. Working with the WeGraduate team, we will help you drive enrollment growth, increase return on investment, and optimize budget. That is why over 250 post-secondary colleges and universities work with WeGraduate to help recruit new students.

Online Education

Online degree programs are now available at hundreds of colleges and universities, both private and public, across the United States. Your challenge is to attract and stand out to potential students who discover your degree programs and take the next steps in applying and enrolling at your college or university.

By promoting your programs and institution through our educational web portals, we help you concentrate your marketing efforts on creating greater awareness among visitors who seek assistance and information to discover the right institution to pursue their dream and goal. You can scale the programs to meet your needs and improve the quality along with quantity of inquiries as your enrollments need changes. Our performance-based marketing solution minimizes the risk usually associated with traditional advertising and optimizes your overall marketing budget that will result in higher ROI.

We prompt our visitors to provide careful consideration to their options before hitting the submit button. Once qualified students find your college or university, our technology further validates their information and delivers it to your enrollment team in real-time, which dramatically increases conversion.

Campus Based Education

The WeGraduate team works with campus-based institution that includes accredited vocational schools, colleges, and universities. We also partner with several renowned postsecondary institutions to help manage their student prospecting strategies and help deliver student enrollment growth.

Our web properties attracts ninety percent of its unique visitors through direct traffic and organic search and greets them with unparalleled tools, resources, and information. By providing superior content on various subjects, thousands of original articles, and expert advice; we qualify and pique prospects’ interest in your institution before they request information. We ensure that students have given careful consideration to their options before hitting the submit button. Once qualified prospects discover your college or university, we seamlessly deliver those potential students to your enrollment specialists in real-time, which dramatically enhance yield and conversions.

International Education

Earning a degree at a college or university outside their home country and incorporating an international study component into a domestic degree can provide students with excellent opportunities.

Whether you are an online school or a campus-based institution, WeGraduate can help you reach these potential students through our promotion of your programs and school and maximizing your marketing efforts. WeGraduate will help you target international students for your full degree programs or target students for your short-term study abroad program. Through our service, you will be able to connect with a large pool of prospective students who want assistance and information on discovering the right college or university to pursue their dream and accomplish their goal.

WeGraduate’s performance-based marketing program minimizes the risk associated with traditional marketing and optimizes your return on investment. We work with institutions at all levels, from the early stages to the most advanced. Currently, WeGraduate has partnerships with several renowned post-secondary colleges and universities to help manage their prospecting initiatives and help maximize the interaction with potential students to deliver student enrollment growth.