Each college or university that engages WeGraduate’s call center solutions will work closely with a dedicated account manager to setup customized call center program. Our goal is to transfer only genuinely interested and qualified prospective students to your admission team. This ensures that they spend their time interviewing, following up, and enrolling interested prospective students.


We provide detailed reporting weekly, outlining activities that occurred at the call center. Results are presented by day, month, and for the campaign to date.


Our call center is fully compliant with all federal and state “Do-Not-Call” telemarketing laws.


We understand that one size does not fit all; our team work closely with your institution to create a customized program and script that will confirm the student’s information and their interest in your programs and school. We will closely monitor call center activities and optimize campaigns to figure out the optimal time to call and implement transfer process that works for your enrollment counselors.


All of WeGraduate’s call center programs are fully integrated with our internal tracking systems, so unqualified submissions are marked accordingly on contact and we can quickly analyze transfer rates by source.

Response Time

On average, our call center makes an initial attempt within five minutes of inquiry form submission, ensuring that we get in touch with qualified, interested students before any other college or university. We will continue to attempt to contact the student multiple times to maximize the contact rate.